Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recent Scripting Project

I've been working with Tube Guage Inspection Fixtures, Inc. on some scripting to assist with the Rhino design of their inspection fixtures, sets of wood or metal forms used for checking tolerances on piping, usually used in the automotive industry. A simple enough concept, a perfect situation for scripting automation, but there were enough details to handle that it was still about 130Kb of script.

The script works from a user-defined centerline and chosen dimensions to make a set of blocks under the straight sections of the pipe. It automatically adds clearances for tube bends, applies specific profiles to the end blocks, and formats 2D output with particular tool path requirements. It wasn't considered a good use of time to try to automatically adapt to all possible details, since they can vary quite a lot and these are made working from often dubious imported geometry, so I simply made it as simple as possible to make modifications.