Monday, June 2, 2008

LG W2600H-PH first impression

Why is it so hard to find reviews of monitors? All my usual sources of hardware advice spend all their time on things like motherboards and RAM, taking 20 pages comparing products that perform within 2% of each other.

I picked this up yesterday primarily because it was on sale at Future Shop. My old LCD, which was my first LCD, is a 2004 vintage 20" Viewsonic VP201s, so I'm looking for something bigger. The 25.5" LG W2500H is certainly a nice size, and it does do a better job at DVD playback, but otherwise it's rather disappointing. I guess it wasn't a good sign to find that it only came with an analog cable, what sort of miserable bean-counters decide to ship a monitor in 2008 without a bloody DVI cable?

I knew there had to be a reason why it's half the price of something like the only slightly bigger Samsung 275T--and indeed not far from half what my old LCD cost new--but I guess I was expecting to see more progress in four years than simply being cheaper and bigger. Compared to my 4-year-old monitor, the viewing angles are worse and the colour...oh, the colour. It's shocking how bad it is. It's like a jumbo version of a cheap laptop panel. Wait, no, I'm writing this on a cheap laptop and it's capable of showing a bright red as red, not hot pink.

If I keep it it will only be because nothing else in the same size and price range would be much better, at least I can still use my old LCD for anything where colour matters.